Hillcrest House Pet Policy

Pet Policy

These guidelines for welcoming dogs at Hillcrest House are to ensure your and your pet’s comfort, and the comfort of all other guests staying with us.

  • Pets are not allowed on any of our beds or furniture
  • All pets must be housebroken
  • No pets can be left unattended in your guest room when you leave the premises
  • When a pet is outside of the guest room it must be on a leash
  • Pet waste must be immediately picked up and appropriately discarded by you
  • When a pet is in a food service area, it must remain on the floor in a location that is out of all paths of travel at all times. It cannot sit on the owner’s lap, on seats, or any eating surface, and must not be fed from the table.
  • It is grounds for eviction if a pet is threatening people, barking, or otherwise out of control/and or creating a disturbance, and the dog’s handler does not take prompt and effective action to control it.
  • Any pet damage ie. pet stains, chewing on furniture or linens will be a chargeable fee to clean or replace the item
  • The Pet Fee is $99 plus tax, can be added to your account, and is payable by Visa/Mastercard/or Cash at check-in.

If you wish to bring your pet you will be asked to certify that you understand and accept our pet policy. If you violate this policy, you may be asked to depart Hillcrest House early, with no refund.

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